Monday, February 22, 2010


Portfolios are used in many fields including architecture, finance, and business. But in education, a portfolio is basically a collection of work showing the ability of a student. Electronic portfolios are used in education to add to ability based educational advancements. The use of electronic portfolio in education is focused on students, capability, repeated action and reflection, and multimedia. An open portfolio system was developed for students that would be used throughout the institution based on known best practices. The system has great promise for future developments, flexibility, and the ability to link to different projects and databanks. There is a growing number of portfolio initiatives starting up, especially in Europe.

I think that the use of electronic portfolios are important technology advancements that will continue to grow in the future.

This video does a great job demonstrating how eportfolios can help students with disabilities to participate in class more effectively. In addition, the various digital tools that were shown allow all students to reflect on what they know.

Will the future use of electronic portfolios be stronger in the United States or in Europe?


  1. Good video for demonstrating how well Web 2.0 can visualize thoughts through artistic animation and music. This provokes a lot of thinking about inclusion of those students who can not communicate wel through speech or writing.

  2. This is a great video I used the same one. I think it shows ways students can better express there self. If they are to shy to talk in class.

  3. Yes video does a great job demonstrating how eportfolio can helo students with disabilities.