Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethic and technology

Teacher Jennifer Janesko says that students do respect intellectual property. After realizing at a conference that she wasn’t teaching her students properly, she made it a point to teach the teachers at her school and her students about intellectual property use and laws. Now, her students take copyright use and laws seriously. On the other hand, teacher Tammy Morris says that students do not respect intellectual property. She believes that today’s students don’t understand copyright limits because either they don’t know any better, they do know better but they think they can avoid the consequences, or they are under peer pressure. In addition, she thinks that if teachers and parents understood copyright use and laws, then they could teach it to students correctly. However, since students think that they could never get caught, they don’t think about the consequences or trying to avoid them.

I think that all teachers should be properly trained to teach students the specifics about intellectual property use and laws so that students will respect them.

This video does a complete and accurate job discussing the use and laws regarding information technology ethics. People are responsible for deciding the ethical and legal way to use information technology.

Are teachers teaching students what they need to know about respecting intellectual property?

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  1. This was a good video on ethical issues dealing with technology. The video provided the viewer with very good information dealing with copyright laws, privacy issues, and etc. The only thing I did not like about the video was that the speaker was very mono tone. It made it kind of difficult to stay focus for four minutes. But overall the video did accomplish its job and get the main point across.